*New Radio* K-PO DX5000 Plus

As Matthijs from CB Radio Netherlands has let the cat out of the bag so to speak then I’ve got a confession to make! I’ve been testing a 5555 from around mid-summer and many have indeed spoken to me while using it. It’s a “prototype” so not all things are on it but it’s got a lot of new functions, new board and all new software in the same case.The new chassis allows possible use of 12-10m or simply just 10m.

Available End Of November!!!

The case of the radio and front is the familiar one from the first 5555 so all the changes are under the hood changes. New board, new firmware, new ideas. But there are air vents back and bottom of radio, size of the case the same.

Updates and new (menu) functions are:


– CTCSS/DCS codes

– RX compander

– Noise gate 

– RX noise reduction (extra PCB inside the radio)

– Microphone type selection: electret or dynamic

Finals in the prototype I’ve been testing here

CTCSS Will have independent TX and RX so you can set a different tone for receive and also transmit.

Power Levels will be the same, or a little higher than present versions.

New menu items will include electret or dynamic microphone, Compander and noise gate will come with the radio, OR optional NRC which comes in the form of the additional board inside or chip. NRC on SSB I think possibly could be a game changer (but I’ve not tried it) however we must wait and see I suppose.

PC Software will allow programming of the six bands with a maximum of 60 channels per block which is pretty much the same as the current system. PC software comes in at V7 or 7.01 and above for the new radio.

Seeing the board is new it’s NON ADJUST so nothing to tune, tinker, adjust or mess up. It’s a giant step from past versions and offer elec and DyNA Mike option, VOX, Noise Gate and LOADS more including optional NRC board. Plus the test pieces have fins on top and bottom of the case to allow cooling. And the board is smaller (in the prototype) maybe 50% or so than current version.

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  1. 10 meter radios become more interesting with the new solar cycle. However, there seem to be countless new models every year. Why is there no perfect 10 meter radio with good programming, modulation, 5o watt SSB and long service? Too bad that there is no “module-radio”, built like the Fairphone, with interchangeable modules.


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