*More News* K-PO DX5000 Plus

My oh my! Didn’t some shit fly after this radio was announced yesterday. (Generic Photos are below) But that aside more information has come to light on what’s on the inside of this new K-PO radio. Appears they will be the first to adopt the NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit) inside the radio so possibly a new way we hear SSB will come with this radio? It’s sure they are number one with this inside an SSB radio. The radio should come around the end of November BUT no price news, well nothing solid at the moment but when someone knows am sure they’ll let me know about it.

Around the end of November we (Funktechnik Bielefeld) will receive the new K-PO DX-5000 PLUS.
Updates and new (menu) functions are:
RX compander
Noise gate
RX noise reduction (extra PCB inside the radio)
Microphone type selection: electret or dynamic
Program cable connector on the backside of the radio (program cable is optional)
Extra ventilation holes on the top and bottom cover

So freight willing maybe we have something new in our stockings for Christmas time.

Below some photos from me of the case etc of the radio

Backside features PC programming socket on the back
Ventilation As Was Described on the bottom
Top of the radio also includes vents as described

Photo above is from one prototype from the summer. Changes whether inside, on the case and others I don’t know. This wasn’t a K-PO radio this was a simple AT5555 and as such didn’t feature all things that a released radio will have. internal photo I can’t release at the moment but will do so when K-PO has there radio or when I’ve bought a new version so I can see whether the board is the same now or when it was prototype.

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