*VIDEO* Hacking the SR955 Stryker

Interesting video this time and you’ll regret it if you don’t watch it. Not going to give away all the secrets this time but it’s pretty excellent and well deserves a subscribe on the channel if you find it interesting. What I will say is the virtual radio on the computer in my mind and has been for years a great idea! But when it finally happy that’s the key issue.

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  1. Simon,
    This is an example as to why people like you can help the community by denouncing the antics of Fine Tune CB and his trolls.
    All they did was go over to the video and harass the guy. Call him names. Call him a “hack shop” or “meterbaitor”
    Why? Because he touched a Stryker.
    Rutherford (Mark19960) did a lot of work on this a couple of years ago so I sent him a link to the video.
    When HE did .. whatever those guys do…. He was attacked the same way.
    We want to see the innovators work together to bring us cool new ideas, not be chased off by trolls.

    We can’t have nice things because of toxic people like that. They chase away the innovators.


    • Mike. I agree with you. Innovation needs to be celebrated and long may it continue. “Fine Tune CB Shop” lots of people write to me about him and to be fair most of them praise him Mike. New cool ideas need to be celebrated Mike! I’m waiting more news, more good things and more people who want to change our hobby for the better and not for the shit that some want it to be…


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