*New* K-PO DX5000 Plus ‘Features’

As we are further into November with the possibility of the new K-PO DX5000 Plus coming towards the end of the month we’ve added Whats new, what’s the features on the list below. The cost I’ve found online ar Maas-Elektronik was €189 plus shipping with availability around the start of December. Now it’s just pre-ordering. With supply chain issues of course maybe the timeline can be delayed of course but in the meantime all the details are below.

Main Features

Frequency range 28.000 – 29.700 MHz HF 10 Meter Band AM/FM/SSB/CW

Frequency Range 25.615 – 30.105 MHz (DX-5000EX version only)

Backlighted LCD Display (amber color) with 7-digit frequency readout

2-Digit Channel Number readout

6 Frequency Bands, 60 Channels (programmable) in each band

RF Power max 12W AM/CW, 40W FM, 40W SSB

Digital S/RF Meter, RG Gain control, RF Power control

Scan/SC List, Dual Watch, EMG, RB, NB/ANL, LOCK, LCD Off, TOT, HI-Cut

Dynamic Microphone with UP/DOWN/AQ (Auto Squelch) controls

Quick UP/Quick DOWN frequency selection

PA (Public Address) circuit

S/SQL (manual or automatic Squelch control)

Radio is fully PC programmable (with optional PC Interface Cable)

Antenna Connector UHF SO239

Temperature Range -15/+50 °C

Input Voltage 13.8V (15.9V max / 11.7V min) – 9A max at 40W SSB PEP

Dimension : cm 28 x 25 x 6 / Weight : kg 2.8

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  1. I don’t see any difference to the old version: there is no VOX, no 12 meter tape or selectable display colors. A little more effort would have been nice, I don’t think it’s worth buying.


    • Difference is new board, CTCSS , DCS, NRC board, Elec or Dynamic microphone.. And it’s got VOX too.

      Some of the resellers can have 24-28 MHz. Depends on the reseller and what they want mostly.


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