*New CB* Introducing Cobra 19 Mini

Word on the streets has been about this radio for some weeks now although nobody of course was in the market to confirm it! So based on the Anytone Smart II chassis that sits also on the Albrecht AE6120 VOX comes the Cobra 19 Mini. This radio will be the smallest in the Cobra rang. Launched literally 12 minutes ago in Chicago and the second new radio on this December day. We will be looking for one of these radios and if / when we find one that can be exported then you’ll see it here.

Available now from Cobra $79.95

Cobra 19 Mini
Described as a full featured CB radio and makes the hobby not only for truckers. CB is for everyone!
No Adjust Board so nothing for your “engineer to tune” will come with engineer menu for a few tweaks etc. BUT off the shelve purchase and no set-up fees as nothing to set up!!

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  1. Now that FM is legal in the USA why the heck didn’t they make this AM / FM & not just AM especially because it’s a copy of AM / FM chassis that already exist. The folks who make decisions at these companies have no brains at all.


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