Price Confirmed €189.95

The release of the DX5000 Plus from K-PO comes another step closer this Monday as the price is now advertised where it was only “price on request” and on other sites a guess. My opinion it’s on the money as comes with NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit) so it’s pretty loaded in this department with pretty all extras included and will be the first out there with NRC on an SSB radio! Only a short time to wait now.

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  1. Enclosure now has vent holes but same form and size as SSB CB radios from the 80’s. Why not take the chance to make it smaller since the inside board is a lot smaller also? Any point of having a big and almost empty enclosure? Being a “CB” with SSB, how can one tune it in both TX and RX to zero beat with the appopriate instruments, as we don’t see any internal adjustment points? Software/Service menu wise?


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