*HM! New CB Radio* Zastone CB-58

First of January and a new radio of sorts. Comes to market for $170 plus shipping, duties and taxes is the Zastone CB-58 which is a QYT CB-58 with 40 channels 26965-27405 AM/FM. Our friend Masa in Japan 🇯🇵 has one working on 40 channels in 10m Band BUT he ordered his directly from the factory and I believe it already come loaded with these channels. $168 plus shipping, duties and taxes will get you one of these if you are in need. Details are below!

Masa in Japan working 10m on his factory bought radio
What’s in the box it seems
Total length

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  1. Ask if the U.S. repeater splits can be programmed in. 29.52/62, 29.54/64, 29.56/66, and 29.58/68. Also FM simplex 29.500 and 29.600


    • If you order AT the factory then can program maximum 40 Simple’s channels in 28-29Mhz with NO repeater offsets. You order directly from them and it’s what they can do. This is a clone HH50 radio with FM addition. It’s 40 channel.


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