*VIDEO* PMR Gateway

Sincere thanks to Rob P (RP Comms) whose forwarded to me some initial tests of a PMR gateway which possibly is around Vienna. From my side I’d say the use of an amateur radio in this operation however radio is different to each and every person so it’s on here as a case study of sorts for what’s possible on uhf radio.

Erster Freiland-Test PMR-Gateway

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  1. Yes, that’s right Simon. Both PMR446-devices can be modified. But I don’t want to wake sleeping dogs. I therefore operate my gateways with legal, unmodified devices, just as they come out of the box. From this point of view, greetings from Vienna. Andreas


  2. Good morning Simon. Both handheld radios are not amateur handheld radios. Both radios are license-free PMR446 radios (Midland G7 pro and Alinco DJ-A446). Nice greetings from Vienna. Andreas (Vespa_300 aka Krampfader)


    • Hi Good Morning. And the point of the message is? I know what a PMR radio is and I know a ham radio and I know both of the radios above can be modified for higher power!
      I can see what they are.
      Greetings and have a nice Thursday


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