*€198* CRT 6900V & USA Shipping**

I’ve been asked a lot about the CRT from both inside the EU and USA. Well I’ve found a few details while digging around in the dirt. It seems an estimate but some think the radio comes in next days and others say mid to late February is more likely. The two places I’ve asked have told me expect €198 for the radio and this excludes software and data cable at around €22 plus shipping and excluding any import duties and taxes to countries outside the EU. **Remember to USA Price excludes Trump tax maybe 25% from origin China. Paperwork, shipping, duties and taxes. As below EMAIL CRT first.

Delivery To USA: Thanks to those who asked me and after a quick check the information below states it is possible to send to the USA. You’ll need buy direct from the CRT France Webshop!! So good news also. Remember email CRT and ask first!

I don’t sell them, it’s not my business I just ask around and find the answers to the questions I’m asked sometimes. That’s it!

Possible Shipping USA
CRT 6900 NV

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