Two New CRT’s Are In Stock

Thanks to the multiple people messaging me about the new CRT Alpha and 6900 NV. So the good news is the 6900NV is €189 so lower priced than some had imagined. And the second good news is the “Alpha” states CTCSS and I quote “Yes : sub-audio code to activate repeater like selective tone” so not sure if it’s got repeater mode inside or just means parrot mode. We need to wait until dealers have these on the shelves and / or manual is available.

I’ve been asked by stations in England whether I think this radio really has CEPT or should it EU. I don’t have the manual but I’d imagine it should be EU most likely so would be AM/FM not just FM. Watch this space more news later.

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    • 6900Nv It states as internals include

      TX Noise Gate + (RX noise reduction-option)

      Noise Gate background noise on TX

      RX Noise Reduction Option in my opinion is indeed NRC board in the radio??


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