*NEWS* CRT 6900v SSB Power

I’ve been asked via email about the K-PO DX5000 Plus & CRT 6900v output power and if they are both the same and adjustable in all modes from low to high power. As we know the 6900v isn’t available at the moment so truly hard to be sure but I’ll share what I’ve found below but if it’s correct or not we will need to wait a couple more weeks until we’ve seen the V in the stores.

CRT 6900V: 12 Watts AM / 40 Watts FM / 35 Watts BLU (adjust level power AM/FM)

This is taken from the CRT France website

K-PO DX 5000 Plus: RF Power max 12W AM/CW, 40W FM, 40W SSB On my K-PO box it states 30w SSB

This is from K-PO website

K-PO DX 5000 Plus: Output power continuously adjustable (for AM / FM) AM/CW: 12W FM: 40W SSB: 40W(PEP)

This from Thunderpole

So at the moment it seems according to websites K-PO has a bit more sting on SSB but both radios only adjustable power AM of FM

CRT 6900v: FM: 40W AM / CW: 12W / SSB: bis zu 30W Adjustable ALL modes of operation.

Above information from Maas in Germany

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