Today! Try & Make The Net

Last weekend was the start of the 2022 Delta Romeo DX Group Net. Although conditions were not the best this far into Europe it was possible to hear a unit 946 in the United Kingdom while making a contact to Mick in Cork and Alan in Limerick. So let’s hope the conditions will allow some real good contacts today. Get the antennas ready for action and give a shout to the network.


Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Frankley top
Clee hills Shropshire,
staple Hill/Blackdown Hills
Frequency; 27.365MHz,
Mode; USB,
Time; 10.00-13.00 GMT/UTC, Although we may start early.
David 26DR017 might be helping to host for an hour or so but he is still not fully 100% so please bare with.
We are looking forward to hearing you all and having as many pass-throughs as possible…. ALL GROUPS, ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS are welcome to call into this net…. Come join us, get logged, we will be listening for those distant domestic and international stations , depending on the skip levels….. Thanks for looking….
David 26DR017
Darryl 26DR070
Ian 26DR247

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