Vertical ~ Vertical 15,979KM

That was a weekend and seemed to pass really quickly. (15-16 January) Conditions were like I’ve not witnessed for a long time. Mobiles in the USA heard on EU band. BUT best of the weekend were back to back contacts with New Caledonia 🇳🇨 with one of the stations almost +10db. Saying that a contact was made vertical to vertical. Himalaya WB in Budapest to an Australian manufactured I believe “station master” antenna.

Same weekend. Stations were heard in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Australia, Eire and some taking part in the DR Group Network. Let’s hope this is just a taster of the future contacts ahead during the next cycle.

Station Master 9m from the floor
Vertical to Vertical 15,979 KM

Vertical to vertical signal was 5/5 peaking 5/7 so was quite something. Never have I made such a distance like this on an antenna 2 meter from the ground on some steel pipe.

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