Rest In Peace Ray “Strike Force” Hall

I’m going to use my blog to pass the biggest condolences to Florence on the passing of her husband Ray. Ray was quite simply “Mr CB Norwich”I spoke to Ray in 2002 when he was out taking photos near Norwich and I was in the Czech Republic. Let’s say he didn’t believe my location back then 😁 But over the twenty years we spoke many times on Skype, WhatsApp, the phone and on his channel 26! Just a simple Mr Ray Mr Ray and he’d reply and we’d have a chat. I’ve tested audio, radios, amps, antennas with him. We’d have a laugh and make use of the conditions. He was as passionate about CB radio than anyone I know. He’d a collection of radios that was amazing, he has the best sounding President Madison in the world. The world of CB is worse for his parting. So from The Wizard it’s a sad day! Rest in Peace Mr Ray also known as Reverend Ray, BB65. Condolences to Florence and family.

Rest In Peace Ray BB65 / Strike Force
Mr Ray

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