Busting Myths & Misinformation 955v2

Mark is back with another video from the NOT released version 2 Stryker SR-955HPc. Please watch his video as my contact has been pinging for the unlock, service menu, availability and can these be modified for even higher power and “130% AM modulation” I’ve rep,ied to each person the same story so please watch Mark’s video below. Maybe if you don’t believe me then maybe you’ll believe Mark! It’s not available now!

And! I’ve been called all sorts of names for not helping people buy them. I’m an a**hole as don’t supply export mode modification “I’ve got this radio and it’s locked” Please take lighter medication and wipe the shit from your eyes. It’s not available. I can’t sell you a radio, export mode, software etc something that’s not in production so far!

Pre Production SR-955 v2. It’s not for sale anywhere now

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  1. One thing I never understood is how a cb or export radio can produce more than 100% modulation. 100% is just what it sounds like it’s the maximum achievable amount of modulation before the signal becomes saturated & sound distorted or in laymans terms, sounds like crap. I hear guys on the cb all the time who sound so overmodulated & distorted saying they had their ” tech ” peak their radio & now they get 150% modulation. It’s my understanding that anything over 100% is distortion so if someone says they have 150% modulation would it not mean that in reality they have 100% modulation & 50% distortion ? Maybe someone can correct me on this one. I look at over modulation in radio the same way I do when you record onto an audio cassette tape. If you record till the audio level peaks no more than the 0 DB mark, your audio recording will sound great. If you adjust the recording level past the 0 DB mark, say to +3DB or +6DB the recording sounds like crap & is distorted as you have saturated the tape an in essense have exceeded the 100% audio limit.


  2. Why do they call it V2 ?
    955 History:
    V1 > 2012
    V2 > since 2014/2015 and later (current version).
    In this cronology with the new short PCB it is V3 or QX counts backwards now?


  3. Hi Simon,

    Yes… the misinformation continues. So much that another follow-up is probably needed.

    Some hilights for example….
    – The new 955 does not have the “noise reduction” feature: False. it does.
    – The new 955 has less power than the k-po: False, the 955 has more output power than the k-po
    – The new 955 has chinese tracking technology: Really guys? False. (and I laughed at this one)
    – The k-po has more AM audio than the 955: False. I have access to a k-po and the AM audio is rather anemic by comparison.

    I would ask people to remain calm, stop creating/spreading misinformation, and stop inboxing me, you, and anyone else to call us names. There must be some way out of here… said the joker to the thief…..there is too much confusion……. 🙂
    Cheers Simon.


  4. Der Simon,
    I am very sorry to read that you are offended here on your website, some people have probably not understood that you are running this Site as a hobby and do not appreciate how much effort you put in every day for news about our hobby. Now I would like to apologize to you on behalf of these empty heads.


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