*NEWS* CRT6900V NRC Board Optional

So it’s now official. The CRT 6900 V is sold minus the Noise Reduction Circuit (NRC) it’s an extra €21.95 plus shipping and any import duties and taxes to countries outside the European Union. It’s a shame that it isn’t supplied with the board but that’s not worth an argument. SO if you want the blue display of the 6900 V then you’ll to invest a little extra to have the noise reduction circuit on board. News was from Germany.

Didn’t think was plug n play but you learn something everyday

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  1. There are a few ways to know if certain hardware is in the radio.
    I am pretty sure they simply look for the codec and if present, uses it.
    Otherwise it can flip some bypasses on to route around it.

    That said, I have not been able to get CRT to give me the time of day.
    It’s not a complaint to you, they just don’t respond. Been trying to get one from them for weeks.
    Cheers Simon,


    • Yep! I had trouble this week with the CRT Webshop and asked them for advice and till now no reply. So the order wasn’t important I guess so I’ll now not invest in it.

      Other times they are quick, helpful, all ok. So it’s a story of two pieces. One good / one bad


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