*Inside Story* CRT One V

This time we are looking at the inside story of the CRT One V with the VOX and brand new board inside. In this small note we will show you where 10m mode is located and also for those who need it where extended power can be located but not where service mode and export mode is! I think it’s better as so many dead radios recently and this was a major fracture. Need it then ping me a message and then it’s all on you if it dies!

You see the six dots inside an oblong. 10m mode join the top two on left hand side on the top row of dots. Higher power join the bottom left two dots together. Don’t join top to bottom but horizontally
The favorite transistor recently
All inside a small box! FM audio strong, sharp and very clear to the ears

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  1. Hey Simon,
    how are you?
    Please can you tell me how to get access to the service menu of the CRT One V and if available also to the Albrecht AE6120.

    Best regards from Germany
    Norman (Forestradio)


    • Hi Norman. Yes both radios are simple to access these menu. I’ll mail you later as the factory and also importers will delete these ways to enter the menu if too many people get access to how it’s done.


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