I’m in a very lucky position to be testing a pre-release SR955HPC from Stryker. This is the radio with the new board, Noise Reduction Circuit and while mine is not production ready we’ve had a look around and although like the others released with NRC voices sound sometimes robotic it appears “somehow” this radio has the least weird and odd noises although it does have some now and then.

Kuwait heard with NRC On

Afterwards a contact was made on 15 watts and told audio was excellent. For information I was using an Astatic Minuteman microphone.

Radio has the same programming socket on the back the same as all the others and a new software 2.0 will be available upon release of the radio in the future weeks.

More to come….

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  1. Mark Sherman – the so-called “Stryker expert” did not get one.
    Reality bites for poor Fine Tune CB. Not only is he not an “expert” but his “opinion” does not count.
    They are already coming out against you Simon. Mark Sherman put you in his “worthless” “CB radio hall of shame” yesterday on channel 19 – a channel he “jams” on a daily basis.


    • Better to be worthless and continue to test equipment than be an expert that’s been ignored! I was asked what I think by Stryker and it’s an honor to see a USA specific radio over here


  2. New software V2 (Final) includes both versions
    V1 + V2
    the software automatically detects whether version 1 or 2 is being used.
    it must be confirmed only by a mouse click


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