*Pre Release* Stryker Inside Story

Todays inside story is a special one. This time it’s a pre-release Stryker SR-955 HPC. There are a few people to follow about this radio online as much rubbish has been spoken about this! This one isn’t a complete one and has some oddities which will be changed before release.

All important numbers. This test piece on AM has 80w power on the swing. FM is between 60-70 watts and SSB peaking around 65 watts. FM audio isn’t like the old version and is strong, defined and warm. And of course below we’ve got the inside story.

This new version when completed needs to come to the European lands. This is just a small look and more comes soon. Just needs conditions and time! I’ll be back with this radio and more news shortly.

Finals Area
The front which is showing you the NRC (Noise Reduction circuit)
Small board that we’ve seen a lot of recently
Yeah big white jumper but it doesn’t do what you think

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  1. The board looks almost identical to that in the K-PO DX 5000 Plus/Anytone AT5555 Plus etc.


    • Board yes is somewhat generic but the implementation of some of the ways it behaves different. One example being NRC works incredibly well where as still sounds somewhat robotic on other versions. Upto 4khz RX and TX also differently handled to the others that can’t make that much


  2. I’ like it but it will be a 10m radio?.and use the jumper to export and 11m export and 10m? Or just cb ? Or just 11m fm am and ssb ? Let the fun begin. still a great radio and I hope they put a decent micm that will last more then one hour.


    • It’ll be a 10m radio and when expanded can be 24000-30110 when programmed via software and 25.6 upwards via band selector. Sounds amazing with a NM532 microphone


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