Funkstaffel 2022 Skipper Kittsee

This weekend was the Funkstaffel and we have some news from Skipper Kittsee and his team’s event for the weekend. Snow, wind and all included it seems by the photographs below. We’ve some photos and even someone asleep in a sleeping bag. That’s how they roll DX style. Awaiting more news about how far they spoke and what equipment used other than the Skipperovka antenna.

How the funkstaffel works? 23:00 A password was sent from the island of Rügen on the northern coast of Germany. This then continued Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria then back to Rügen. In the past this has taken 1.5 till 2 hours. Because of the harsh onset of winter during the contest it took 4.5 till 5 hours. Afterwards a “blitz race” on USB. At 4am we returned back from the mountain.

Hard Night?

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