*NEWS* Hytera 245Mhz CB

With very many thanks to Karl whose sent is a message via the contact form which announced that Hytera has entered the 245Mhz market in Thailand. This network has many names such as 245Mhz VHF CB, 245CB and 245 VHF. The frequency range is between 245.000 and 246.9875 MHz and includes the usage of CTCSS and DCS. Click below for all the information and many thanks Karl for the information.

Link A: https://tinyurl.com/2p8286fv

Hytera Link: https://tinyurl.com/

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  1. This frequency area 245-250mhz was looked at many years ago for UK VHF cb use but got rejected shame really.
    But with pmr446 established now in EU/UK no need.

    Red radios reminds me of this band
    Interesting Hytera involved now,network radio systems maybe?

    Rob P


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