4 Pin DX5000 Plus & CRT6900V To 6 Pin

News for people that are not happy with having a 4 pin microphone plug on there new DX5000 Plus or CRT6900v or even AT5555 Plus. There is available (or shortly) a plug n play conversion board for €39.95 plus shipping. This will convert your 4 pin to 6 pin. My understanding is there will be another version or a version made with voltage on pin 6. But please ask the seller all about this! And what a great idea as many run GDCH 6 pin these days and in my case have many microphones wired six pin! Top Idea!!

The device is manufactured in Germany and should you want more information then kindly click the link.

CRT 6900V: https://tinyurl.com/mu336b3s

KPO DX 5000 Plus: https://tinyurl.com/sr95xum3

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  1. Like it definitely!!
    But let’s go one step further
    How about a 8 pin icom version?
    For Interfacing radio uses.

    FM decriminator flat audio
    Rx fixed audio(Squelched)
    Mic In
    Ptt in
    Ptt out
    13.8V DC out

    Rob P


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