Takes 10 Minutes! Change from 4 to 6 on DX5000 Plus

I’m more of a modification guy than a swap over parts internally. However the DO6RBA four pin to six pin adapter takes literally less than 10 minutes to install and on the air again. The adapter comes with a 12v wire you need to add to the radio and really it’s simple! Took longer to add and take off the cases of the radio than install the microphone socket. I’d suggest it’s absolutely worth it for people whose most common form of microphone is six pin. Takes away the use of adapters and connector etc!! Cost is €39.95 plus shipping from Markus at Neunerfunk or Ralph DO6RBA at Ham Radio Shop DE. It’s such a great idea this and fitting so simple!

After Installing In my Anytone 5555PlusN I connected the Astatic Teardrop six pin and on AM spoke to Brazil 8,387KM. And with radio power 12w and Himalaya WB. Obviously nothing to do with the changing from four to six pin but as the Astatic is wired six pin it was the first chance I’ve been able to use it in ages without cumbersome microphone adapters lay around.

Will Fit and Work AT5555Plus/N , KPO DX5000 Plus, CRT 6900V and also allows 12v to be connected for microphones that take voltage from the radio to operate.

Takes About 5 minutes To Install
Solder The 12v Wire
Job Done

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