News from Rob Parsons (RP Comms) of another new name for the QYT handheld and this time it quotes the radio as having 240 channels and 5 watts HAM power. Below is the photo which of course is pretty much the same photo as the CB-58 with simply a different name. EU availability and costing isn’t known at the moment.


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  1. Yes I agree we need a AM/FM/SSB handheld at a reasonable cost. The Albrecht were being sold for about 250.00 UK pounds & that’s way too high. If they could make a good quality version in the $150.00 USD range that would be a huge seller.


    • Nope won’t happen! Roughly to make is around $75~$120 ish depending on what you want. Add shipping, warranty, spare parts, profit it can’t be as low as $150 and be quality you want. Plus not a big seller, it’s the whipped cream on the coffee and nothing more


    • Ya that’s too bad as these manufactures are missing out. I remember when the Cherokee AH-100 AM/SSB handheld was for sale in the USA & Canada and were being sold for about $150.00 USD & they sold like crazy. Don’t know whatever happened to the company who made Cherokee radios but one of the China manufactures really needs to step up. I get manufactruing costs are high but China & other Asian countries have super low wages compared to North America & Europe so I’m pretty sure they can build a radio & sell it around that price range seeing that the CRT / Stryker / Albrecht mobiles sell for about $80.00 USD I can’t imagine why a handheld could not be made & sold for about $150.00 USD. I guess at the end of the day if they don’t want to make decent quality radios that people want for a good price, they just won’t be selling as many radios. That’s why Cobra in the U.S has their cb radio made by Maxon or some other manufacture now as Uniden who use to make all the Cobra cb radios told Cobra that they wanted $5.00 more per radio to manufacture them & Cobra said no & went to a less expensive manufacture. Mind you I would never buy one of the new Cobra cb’s as I think the quality is terrible comparred to the Uniden made versions.


  2. When will we see a new SSB-Handheld, ready für digital modes (modem or vox icluded)? (❁´◡`❁)


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