DO6RBA Enhanced AT-5555 Plus N

Here we go! Something for the weekend. A new modified version of the Anytone AT-5555 Plus with a few extra goodies to make it something interesting. Below we’ve added just a couple of photos and the link to the original article. This radio has come from the DO6RBA stable so you know it has some quality work behind it. Below are the details! radios as I understand appear to be made to order. Email Ralf and sure he will fix you up.

MAX – UMBAU:Verbesserte Kühlung
Einbau zweier Lüfter, Steuerung über PTT
TOP – Modulationskit
6pol Modul (Mikrofonbuchse) GDCH
O-Mike Umbau auf Elektret Kapsel mir Alu-Prallplate
Externer S-Meteranschluss zusätzliche 3,5mm Klinkenbuchse
HIGH POWER Sendeleistung 60W
Abgleich / Anpassung: AM / FM / SSB / USB HI Power
TOP – Modulation mit O-Mike
FM Frequenzhub 2,7 KHz
S-Meter Abgleich FM / SSB


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