*VIDEO* Wouxun v President

Rob Parsons from RP Comms has very kindly sent the link to the video below. He tells me President “Goofed or made an error ” by not adding CTCSS to the latest release Randy. Don’t expect to see the EU Wouxun too soon as not homologated at the moment and no EU Red.

My take? Adding CTCSS will not add intricate value in some market areas where people won’t use it as don’t know what it is! Maybe repeater shift is good idea as Albrecht has shown. More expensive radios yes why not CTCSS added as it is available but run of the mill and budget radios don’t see the point.

President have a history of over 40 years of CB and Wouxun nothing! Time will tell and at the moment don’t wait for the Wouxun in Europe and also mass shipment of Wouxun isn’t happening either! Same old story “let’s wait and see” Comparing radios is an awesome thing but a Wouxun dealer telling a Wouxun is better than something else.. Not great!

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