*UPDATED* Anytone Graces AM/FM

Thijs from CB Radio Netherlands has launched a new radio this evening. The beautiful Anytone Graces. Well what can I say about this radio? It’s base is small, RJ45 microphone connection and everything in the handset. And BOY is it packed. Comes with all EU norms and also the adjustable NRC for both transmit and receive. Set it at 2 RX and 2TX and it works exceptionally well. Been running one here maybe a year give or take and it performed effortless and made some great contacts. Yes it has M and H power, full export facilities and is generally working superbly here! Mine was (3) and of course with certain conditions it wasn’t possible to discuss it till now as it’s in the public domain via http://www.cbradio.nl and at the moment price, availability and who will sell it remains unknown. For the FM users it is loud like the recently released new boarded radios, would be a great replacement like CRT Mike, President William, Anytone Apollo etc. I’m delighted the radio is out of the bag so to speak because this one works crazily well on the version of software I have. I’ve updated it two times during the time and each time it is better and better. Small, Powerful, NRC, export mode and other goodies it really is quite loaded..

A secret is a secret and that’s why nobody knew this radio was here. Qixiang trusted me and my discretion and so was using almost all this summer and making contacts and it was working first class. Thanks to them for there trust… Secret is a Secret…

Here she is and works exceptionally well AM/FM and of course most importantly NRC on TX and RX

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