*New Update* CRT 6900v “5KHz Step”

I’m going to say it as nobody else will. Takes the piss out of customers selling a new radio then add on something in some cases a day or week after buying it. In these economic times indeed some sellers make a mug or stupid out of customers! Should be able return all these out of date radios and get new by return!

No matter who sells it. Jokers in these times when things are pinched. Waste of space

28-29.7 mHz
12W AM/ 40W FM/ 35W SSB


– RX compander
– TX Noise Gate
– RX Noise Gate (NRC board included)

– Program cable connector on the backside of the radio
– Extra ventilation
– With step 5kHz

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  1. It’s now possible to update “old” 6900V Plus, Anytone AT-5555N Plus and KPO DX-5000 Plus-Versions with this 5kHz-Clarifier-Step…. only ask your (well informed, I hope) local dealer 😉


  2. This is a software thing… we dont need to return boxes, we need user updatable radios. You know, like all the other electronics around us…
    And with a standard cable, not an exotic cable/software pair.
    This is not rocket-science.


    • You can easily update 7900v with cable but with 6900v it’s different. Having asked around the answer is the same so far. Contact and send to CRT and ask them to update it! Home update isn’t supported and seems will not be for some long time so am told today via Spain


  3. Can anybody tell me why this magic 5KHz-Step seems soooo ordinary necessary on a radio, which is to 99.9% used by cb export users (which take the 10kHz for AM/FM and fine tuning (1kHz) for SSB? Asking for this imaginary friend – you know 😉


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