Since PNI is in the USA

As the title says boy has my inbox been blowing smoke since PNI launched its radios in the USA with BellsCB and a load of questions. Already answered pretty much most via email but below I’ll answer the same again and maybe this will help those looking at them. Maybe I’ve missed some but drop me a message and I’ll help if I can. I mean my email really has been blowing smoke. Nice to see CB continues its extension into new markets.

Do PNI Radios have USA channels = Yes

Are European AM/FM same as USA = Yes 26.965-27.405 (EU Band) Same

Does the PNI48 Work USA CB = Yes it does, check SWR but should be ok

PHI 7120 Combo PNI48 = Select band EU and it’s same as USA frequencies. You can 8w FM via jumper and key press but if you want 20w FM: short circuit 2955 drain electrode
D and grid electrode G

PNI Escort HP-9500 = Band EU and a TOP TIP turn on with down arrow pressed and it shows LO press up arrow for HI and more power. Turn unit off and on = H in a box on the screen

PNI Escort 9001 HP = Band EU for USA TOP TIP Press F+DW and power for a few more watts

PNI HP55 Comes in export mode so you’ll need find the band for USA 🇺🇸 but could be Band D. Want extra power?? PTT+EMG+A/F+ Power,when the LCD show L-P or H-P。L-P:4W H-P:8W

PNI HP8900 = Band EU for USA. How about a few more watts?? Press ASQ + Power for 8 watts. Still need more FM power? OK OK So short circuit 2955 drain electrode D and grid electrode G

Need anything else just “Contact the Wizard”

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