*Neunerfunk* German Harrison II Printing Soon

Oh boy! Been waiting for this radio since I was possibly 30 (now am 60) And boy has it took some time but with the soon to be printed German manual & other languages online the Harrison II must be coming sooner rather than later! Buy a Harrison II from Markus from Neuner and it comes with German manual! Want the other manual click below!. Keep watching the shop for news of arrival or price….

French, English, Spanish, Polish BELOW

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  1. Hi Simon ,hope all is well in wizard towers .Re Harrison 2 mmmmm will it have the goodies the mk1 had and Maycom miss out on .On another note still loving the crt 2000 now have the 2000h and been working it well on 11m as well as 10m Am and Fm .73’s de Scott aka Neptune, 108cb17 and 2m0tor


    • Hi Scott. All good and hope same for you and family. It should be good! I believe it will be REAL good. This is the radio that can set standards going forward. Dealers say all first production sold out but I will try to get one. Hope am lucky, if not then need wait longer. Very Best Wishes


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