*PHOTO* First PNI Escort HP 6550 Real Look

Sincere thanks to our friend at SRCB Romania for the first look at the forthcoming PNI Escort HP 6550 with internal echo fitted! Exclusive they have one radio to look at. They are on the way to Europe and will be in the PNI Dealer stores asap. I’ve ordered one as am interested to see the programming on the Roger Bleep. Seems you can chose what you like? More to come.

Coming December 2022

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  1. There was 6550 with external ECHO01 board inside. PNI said that channel changing on MIC not work due connected external board ECHO01 inside:(


    • WOW never seen the 6550 with fitted board so far. BUT a dealer in Romania told me that fitting a board to a 6500 radio then microphone channel change doesn’t work. This I have heard the same news. Maybe?? When 6550 comes with board fitted from factory it’s better? Zdravim Giorgio


  2. I have this radio, but not recommend for:
    – echo haven’t good quality
    – roger beep have long delay with play tone
    – channel changing on MIC not work (PNI said: However, I have to mention that installing the echo module on the radio, allows changing the channels only from your main unit, not from the microphone. This does not affect the efficiency and the performance of emitting and receiving information via the CB Radio. )


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