*NEW CB* President Harrison II ASC

Long time in the making and “out now” is the long awaited President Harrison II. Engineered and designed in Europe! And boy have they loaded a small case (around same size Barry II, AT500, Stabo, Team) so if you have one of these it’ll give you and idea on where you’ll fit it. Sincere thanks to dealer “J” for allowing a look at it. This radio should be getting to dealers and resellers soon. See ** below for more news about this.

Repeater function in DE (German Band) Adjustable NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit) ANL, ASC, 7 colour display, CTCSS with individual programming for TX and RX. 5v USB 2.1 for charging equipment, VOX for Handsfree. I’m going try twin Stabo DSP hand mike and see what happens. Talkback for audio and the Tone semi equaliser feature of -5 for base sound to the +5 treble higher sound. Combine adjustable NRC with tone, hi-cut and NB you’ve got an array of tools to dodge noise and interference. Noise Gate and 6 Roger Bleeps (not a fan just needs one) I’m awaiting to see what the accessory available soon will be am curious.

Extras What I can say from what I’ve learned for some leaky dealers under this radios skin what I has and can do is quite fantastic (videos later) which include full coverage not A,B,C with repeater split and CTCSS. Summer and 10m maybe it’s useful, OFF, A4 (4watts) A0 (10watts) 0/5 and all things we would guess. Plus all the features from normal operation also included. Maybe this will become the standard package of future models. If and it’s a big if then you’ll see it is loaded with options. And YES U.K. not forgot as channels 27601-27991 are there in export mode. Plus the power cable has a connection on it so can disconnect whether to take radio out of a car while leave power to the battery. Small thing but a great idea as makes life easier to extend the cable or disconnect the radio

Original photographs showed us this radio as Harry IV but it would have been wasted. The original Maycom President Harrison had loads of interesting features and this wasn’t forgotten by President. They’ve added some of these with a caffeine shot added. Adjustment free board, software / firmware menu driven. Big Display laid out well with all options shown in a colour you like. Me, Green mostly or at a push Orange. Check what is best for you. What would I change or add? President in Balaruc went A-Z but maybe echo or external socket for analogue signal meter. However CPU restrictions (space) I think wouldn’t have allowed much more to be added. If you check out what radios have out now this appears to be the most loaded of the lot on AMFM whilst the McKinley as SSB has other features.

** Dealers get sent a radio they photo it, show it etc. This radio is such radio. Expect in dealers later 2022 into January 2023

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  1. If its as good as the Randy 3 I’ll buy one,looks cool too.looks like the same size of the Teddy?


    • So far good comments on audio, receive is good. Around size of Barry II as has a heat sink. Would be like Teddy II if didn’t have the heat sink. Hope your well


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