*NEW CB* Bensons Funktechnik Inside Story Super Star 3900

Jörn the first man out there with the inside story of the Super Star 3900 so quickly. These pictures are (c) Bensons Funktechnik.

Initial honest thought hmmm, interesting. Going examine photos more.

No NRC board as I can see. Maybe it’s on a single chip now?

Direct Link: https://tinyurl.com/r74ye8xd

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  1. Dear Simon,
    I wrote Benson unlock questions, after I sent this mail, all devices were suddenly sold out. Probably just few Superstar were in stock. Nevertheless, thanks to initiative and begging I got the last device.

    In a few days after arrival I will get a problem with missing software.
    Does anyone have software updates ?

    Best regards
    Armin from Heidelberg/Germany


    • Answered why the programming software isn’t a good idea at the moment via email. It’s Chinese New Year holidays now so need wait some time for errors or new version to be made available


  2. For me it is the same circuit as the SS6900V CRT and the SS7900V, I note that they have removed the shielding of the power transistors and that the NRC seems to be missing.
    In the end it is not too serious because, there is the essential qualities of this circuit.

    If you have the same quality in RX and TX with proven frequency stability then it’s perfect for 200 euros.

    I’m curious as to how they’ve been able to deal with these difficult frequency thermal drift issues on older radios.

    Did they find a better quality of VCO, have they add a main oscilator of type TCXO or VCTCXO.

    Unless they switched to a small DDS plus TCXO so that the device locks the frequencies without flinching etc…


    • Maybe the shielding saved some euro from end price? It says noise reduction during transmission and receive so would imply NRC inside. Maybe it was put on a chip as some other functions such as CTCSS not on the unit. Guess as Markus from Neuner says always “let’s wait and see”


    • Hi Simon.
      It is true, there are multifunction chips to do everything and that make it possible to simplify the circuits.

      I find it strange that President doesn’t release a new Lincoln or Jackson with a turntable of this type and relaunch a little their range of radios.


    • Again you are right. A new Lincoln or Jackson or McKinley with NRC on both transmit and receive would kick ass on many markets.

      BUT President are known for quiet and being secretive so maybe one day it happens and or maybe one day it doesn’t happen


    • Yes indeed. It’s quite a curious item for me. Need look into it more. Think possible to buy the kit to adapt 4 to 6 pin to make mikes easier. At the moment it’s wait and see. Rumour on street is ALL sold out with new deliveries April onwards


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