Super Star 3900 Software Shows “Key Bleep”

Software shows you can program 5 and 0 ending frequencies. You can program 40 channels per band and my advice would have been 60 channels per band when in extended mode as in EU mode German has 80 channels for example. This software version isn’t ok, doesn’t work correctly! We’ve to wait till a working version meaning working 100% is released.

Extended mode is 25.6-28.3 and you can see in the menu is NRC with levels 1-5 in transmit and receive. It’s also got dYna and EL seems a little clumsy if you don’t use PC software you are stuck on electret! There is one bleep end of transmission. You can make the clarifier and KC shift work on both receive and transmit, or simply on receive or transmit. Time Out Timer and monitor level so you see the software is here albeit needs some changes and along with this a few firmware changes also.

Some funny people told me the software wasn’t for the 3900 but the above information shows your not correct.

Roger Bleep: Don’t believe all you hear! There is a simple on and off and no various tones to program. Remember this is a new old radio and old version had one bleep, new version has one bleep.

If anyone from Pihernz was looking at the blog the key points are:

Allow 60 channels per band

Key Bleep in software needs to work

Allow programming for the U.K. 40 which end .125

It’s not difficult in these times as only firmware needs attending too.

Update programming software, maybe allow the buttons on front for example tone dual function to tone + 10kc step. In this way you enable a true export radio, in old 3900 was an EPROM and use channel 9 button for some goodies and not use as a default. Remember add UK channels was a board and change the button of tone or channel 9

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  1. I am a fanboy of old school CBs and this radio has the looks of the classics making it eye candy for me.
    All that is needed personally for me would be a toggle switch for electret / dynamic instead of the ch9 switch, and the tone switch changed to UK 40 leaving the rest to as is.
    I would be happy if this radio just performed with the quality of a Super Star 360FM / Cobra 148gtl dx. I have heard the roger beep from this radio about a week ago and to be honest it does sound a bit limp and dull. People always tell me that “sure you don’t hear the beep when your the one transmitting”, but I do, I have a deaf scanner that can only pick up a mobile signal if they are sitting out side my house and so I use it to hear my tx audio, roger beep and echo that I have set up to just be heard and sounds sweet.
    Anyways, I will be keep checking untill the radio has been passed by Simon’s standard that is like my own and get one of these babies later in the year.


    • Hi John. Issue is I guess they have basically copied the old version in some aspects. Meaning KC shift 5/0 and not programmable via PC any other way. Can adjust dynamic and electret in menu on radio but it does need some changes in my opinion BUT this wouldn’t stay faithful to the older version that was “much loved”
      It needs a few changes in export mode, I’d make NB into U.K. 40 in export mode, tone is roger bleep and also after much talk the “beeeeeeeep” with be default off when the radio returns which is a bargain. Just today I turned of the beep in software on unit 001 serial and will be trying it out. Used menu to set audio to 2.0 kHz as was a little low and changed power to 4w from 3.34w.
      Looking forward hear you on the air soon John


    • Hope it’ll come ok after Chinese New Year. This 1.0.0 isn’t ok. Key not switchable and 1 mail today from Germany that someone lost all channels, all bands export mode today.. Reason to me unknown more than they read radio, made changes and wrote to radio and now radio empty so will try to reset it to EU 🙁


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