*VIDEO* Why Waiting for 3900 Software Is The Best Policy!

Had a lot of mails about sending the PC software. So here on a farm fresh 3900 is the reason that patience is the key and why waiting and not testing is the best policy.

You see the software shows A-F bands, all channels are full and when click on options you can choose how to have the VOX, Roger Bleep there is one and not 6 or more. And on the left you see key bleep. So when you’ve highlighted what you want you send to radio and PC comes on screen and away it goes. But either some small error in Radio receiving or software transmitting and so the new settings are not saved. Ares II software a bright spark suggested and it states “wrong model” so like owner of this 3900 either box it till the update is ready or simply listen to a very loud bleep.

Also interesting is for example that whatever channel you are on change band and another channel shown. I was 32 D and changed to C and was 9 and E was 12 and F was 32 so differently behaving than expected but don’t think it’s an error.

Video is poorly shot as am a little sick and not so much patience for videos but most importantly it shows why waiting is the very best policy. Radio was not on an antenna and has since returned to EU mode and away

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  1. yo compre una super star 3900 en Pihernz Comunicaciones de Barcelona España por 200 euros y me siento un poco decepcionado por el pitido de los canales el filtro digital tx rx muy deficiente y la emisora tiene 10 w fm, am y 12 w en ssb ¿ que extraño ? se dieron mucha prisa en vender la emisora, y no entregarla con su cable y software que esta sin solución mal negocio para el comprador final . de echo la emisora de fabrica va bien en rx y tx y no se calienta esa es mi opinión aun que a mi me gustaría una cobertura de 26.305 a 30 mhz y nada de 25.000 no interesa. yo te agradecería que cuando exista el cable de programación y el software me lo comunicaras donde comprarlo para así poder obtener el cien por cien de esta 3900 con placa anytone un saludo desde Barcelona España.73

    I bought a super star 3900 at Pihernz Comunicaciones in Barcelona, ​​Spain for 200 euros and I feel a bit disappointed by the beeping of the channels, the digital filter tx rx very poor and the station has 10 w fm, am and 12 w on ssb, what strange ? They were in a hurry to sell the station, and not deliver it with its cable and software that is without a bad business solution for the final buyer. in fact, the factory station works well in rx and tx and it does not heat up, that is my opinion even though I would like coverage from 26,305 to 30 mhz and nothing from 25,000 does not matter. I would appreciate it if you let me know where to buy it when the programming cable and the software exist so that I can obtain one hundred percent of this 3900 with anytone board, greetings from Barcelona Spain.73


    • Hi Rafael. At the moment dealers have programming software and it will NOT be released end user. Pihernz advised people to send radio to dealer who will unlock it. I guess April onwards maybe better software comes to end users? Just not now. Cable is same as Lincoln II +, CRT6900v, 7900v and widely available on eBay. SOME of the 3900 bricked (mine dead, back to dealer) more news online next days.
      Power is legal EU power, 4/4/12w but can be improved. Sadly this radio was more care legal legal radio and not export at the mind. FOR ME many hours try to make my 3900 work but main IC damaged and end life, €200 plus shipping goodbye.
      Old 3900 was 25.6~28.3 so new the same 😣

      Truth it needs more work, more tests, more internal Pihernz taking, more factory discussions and new and better ideas like programming 60~80 channels per band in export not 40

      Please wait! Next week more words on blog about the newly released 3900



    • muchas gracias por contestar y ser tan amable un saludo y estaré pendiente de simonthewizard
      y si escucho alguna novedad de Pihernz Comunicaciones ya te lo comunicare ya que los conozco de hace años y trabaje para ellos de hay mi decepcion con la 3900 .
      gracias y 73.

      EN IGLES:
      Thank you very much for answering and being so kind, greetings and I will be aware of simonthewizard
      And if I hear any news from Pihernz Comunicaciones, I’ll let you know since I’ve known them for years and worked for them, so there’s my disappointment with the 3900.
      thank you and 73


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