*Jopix Doris” How to set the Clolk

Busy all week with 3900 and software that bricks export mode so relax with the Jopix Doris and decided I’d set the clolk as my clolk was wrong! Of course it should be Clock set.

And don’t even get me started again on 3900 I’m heading to therapy.

Test the radio next time! This mistake is like RF Rain, Ekko from 2007. My understanding is the “chief engineer in Spain couldn’t talk to me as only speaks Spanish” And person he deals with only speaks Chinese… Could have something to do with it????

As a notice I wanted check export mode to see if channels are usable and in correct working order. Nobody answered or showed any help or interest so I can’t tell you yes or no! And needed is REPEAT in dE Band make it future proof, plus in 10m mode. These are good radios, work normally very well in Anytone brand but please sort it out for gods sake.

In 2003 I wrote about circle of wise men. Trusted people to test pre-release equipment so we the end users don’t get sold rubbish. I tell factories don’t send crap to some companies as you’ll get a 200 page email and this over the years has helped. It’s track record is proven.

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