*Inside Info* Radioddity CS-47

So sporadic-e off the charts with even Rob (RPComms) catching a little of the audio from this all in the handset radio. NRC working well, strong FM and strong AM audio. The unit is wrapped in a small AE6110 type case and boy it works. Speaker only in the handset, nothing at all in the radio.

A lot like the Anytone Graces & Guess CRT Mike II but needs repeat

Comes ALL EU norms and having been asked I can confirm just move the jumper and NO wire cut brings export mode which includes favourites such as @lphas, 5Khz drop to zero endings, various power settings etc. Guess wire cut and leave jumper 1/2 would be extended EU bands. Don’t know mine is now not expanded, just EU norms not 24-30Mhz as not needed ultimately. CTCSS, DCS, Awesome working NRC which for me TX1 and RX2 was best. The lower you go towards 5 the more digital it sounds.

Small for new cars, NRC and killer FM audio according to stations in U.K., Wales, Scotland, Germany & via messenger from USA but sadly didn’t hear them 🫥 maybe next time.

Amazon these can be found both inside EU & USA

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