*Thoughts* Jopix Doris Weekend

We are all radio people of the world right? So I was sat thinking about the Jopix Doris and will share some thoughts after the weekend which made some great contacts to Gordon in Scotland, Viny in Scotland, Paul in Southern Ireland, Derek in Scotland to name a few! And you know what the received audio was lovely, transmitted sound I’ve heard it via Facebook messenger was good also! And on FM it was strong when even using the DSP microphone from Albrecht. Of the Roger Bleeps number six is the President bleep 🥸 something with the DNA from the factory maybe.

Modes: The radio comes with CB1 which is what we all use as multi norm and also CB2 which is a same with the L,M,H power modes. Then you can find HAM and Export which also includes a VFO mode which is interesting if you don’t want channelized.

But: What makes the radio interesting is venture away from EU norms and the radio is full with interesting stuff. It’s got the 5KC to drop you between 5 and 0 ending frequencies. You’ve got REPEAT with selectable – / + setting for the offset end of course add CTCSS and DCS it’s summertime and 10m band ready! Qixiang has loaded the radio with lots of goodies, sure the CLOLK error isn’t needed but working wise the radio really does cut the mustard so to speak.

Thin for new cars as easy fix to install. I would like to see just the 12v only version come to market as also has some interesting bits and pieces under the skin. My initial thoughts were a tad clouded by the spelling mistake but the operation of the device, it’s size and quality of FM audio has impressed me. There is a fully functional test mode and sole adjustment here was raising the 3.4 watts FM to 4.01w on the test meter. Didn’t touch and won’t touch anything else just this was needed to make it just a little better on the output scale.

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