About My Super Star 3900

As we know some of the recently released 3900 came with an error that bricked the radio. Mine was bricked! And remains a paperweight although now returned to the dealer. Radios that work will continue so no panic needed! It has since been found out a rogue IC could be the culprit.

For six days early morning i tested mine, was sent files to delete the radio and then firmware to install it. Qixiang worked tireless to find a solution. Also my radios DAT file was sent for checking. In the end upon a broken radio it was determined to be just isolated issues to some radios. Congratulations to Pihernz for getting them a 3900 to check super fast speed which had an error!

SO no stress if your radio works it is going to continue too. Initial release programming software is now updated to V1.01 so you can turn the bleep off and in the future this feature will default to the off position. It’s a great factory idea as the sound is horrific.

If you still have EU format on the radio then leave it for now and do not export mode it’s just to be on the safe side (mine was export modified) And new series radios will only come April ~ May and if need beep switched off the current advisory is to send it to the dealer and let them do it. This is safest idea as if dealer breaks it better than you busting it! And importer advisory is also radio to dealer to be beeped off so to speak. I see a dealer in UK has it online to download not wise as not supported if troubles occur.

My radio is broken that’s why no new videos. I have another one so will add online next days. But be wise and don’t bust it or export mode it as all warranty is gone, this direct from importer and quite so as homologation is EU CB Radio. So we will see what happens in the meantime wait new models with IC ok. Remember chip shortages on the worldwide market isn’t ok and possibly we will loose other radios sooner or later as this is a serious situation and can only get worse.

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