Day In The Life Radioddity CS-47

The Radioddity CS-47 packs a whole lot of goodies into a real small box! Of course you’ve the multi-EU norms with sadly NO Repeat function even when it has CTCSS and DCS on board. NRC works exceptionally well and seems a little more refined than on some other radios maybe it’s an advancement or maybe not I don’t have any ideas

Distance around 1,600KM and antenna here for use was a Sigma Eurocomm Venom 5/8

Distance here also around 1,600 ~ 1,700KM

There are three ways to run the radio and one of course comes from the box multi-eu and move the jumper to 2/3 and you’ve from 24.7 upwards plus UK40 channels and 5KC step. Add to this 4/8/15 watts FM and 4/8 watts AM and with exceptionally good receive and some great reports returned on the audio! And if you want and cut the wire (not for me) I imagine maybe enhanced EU with higher power BUT haven’t and won’t be trying it! Price €110 plus shipping from Amazon and boy it really works well. Needs REPEAT but guess CRT maybe will implement it as why sell a new radio without it? Like electric car with no batteries. Radio features a firmware upgrade mode so maybe helps make it future proof.

NRC For me was working the best on 1 for transmit and 1 for receive. Was actually a bloody good investment this radio! Having tested long time Graces I made the decision for the Radioddity quickly and transmit sound good, receive good and made QSO to UK and Wales on AM and FM plus United States of America on FM also a good radio reports from all of the contacts James, Roy and David! Plus even Rob from RP Comms heard me and commented it sounded good. So can’t get a better one than that!

CRT will bring this as Mike II. Another company who doesn’t like me. But I wear it as a badge of honour if it stops companies trying to sell us rubbish! So my advice to them is add REPEAT and don’t sell it without as it will be a wasted opportunity.. That is my 1/4 euro cent input.

Antenna for contacts Sigma Eurocomm Venom 5/8 Made in Birmingham

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    • The point is the following. Graces is sold as CB Radio not a ham radio. When asked no resellers asked for repeat. If nobody asks it’s not added for fun. I asked and asked about it at the factory and was told “nobody asked for it (reseller) so doesn’t come with it. I had Graces almost 1.3 years before release and asked during this time and as you see nobody else did so it wasn’t added


  1. If ONLY this had Repeat AND a frequency readout. Those 2 things are the missing link, once again. The winning formula is Repeat/SPLIT + CTCSS/DCS (TX and RX individually settable) + VFO frequency readout….. Maybe one day they will give us what we want!


    • I’m really tired of this! Resellers complain about a $1 rise in costs and to add all this means new IC, new firmware, new tooling and indeed REPEAT is almost certainly illegal except in DE mode so why add it to everything and every band? Supplying non confirming equipment seems a rather bad and not permitted idea!

      “Maybe one day they will give us what we want”

      They can indeed do this when customers (resellers) ask for it, when people invest into it, and when it’s costs split across many resellers so price will be favorable. In meantime petition to get REPEAT legal as it’s a “simplex mode” at the moment.
      OR invest with people to make what you want and get it homologated


    • That depends where you intend to use these radios! These radios support the 10 meter ham band, (like they all do, for good reason), where ALL of these features are fully legal for licensed ham operators. These features only need to be available in the HAM modes – CB can remain 100% legal. And other than the LCD screen on a radio like this one, its ONLY firmware changes that are needed. Nothing more.


    • You wrote about a CB Radio! And remember simplex is legal short range as per guidelines! If need ham radio it’s a different matter. Can’t change the game when it doesn’t suit the answers.
      They support ham band YES but are sold as cheap budget CB radios where simplex is legal and repeat isn’t at all.


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