*UPDATES* Ares II Manual, UK40, Firmware, Photos

Above we have the new manual for the Ares II. This one is latest model version which has NRC switch on the front of the radio where some photos showed Power H M L on the front. I’ve received a heap of mails about the Ares II and above is the latest manual.

As you can see above with the kindness of the factory the NEW version is on the bottom and features variable power rotary and not as a switch.

U.K. 40 There is a plan to implement this into a band on the radio BUT it’s on hold at the moment as the engineer is very busy with a project so everyone needs to wait! Maybe U.K. customers will need return radio to seller and let them flash the radio as this process safest at a dealer in case something odd happens. It won’t be end user as drivers, windows versions etc it can be a sod to get all the ducks in a row believe me!!

Like 3900 it’s a real matter of patience! My 3900 went away and wasn’t replaced as no stock, wasn’t refunded, just went and nothing. So, patience it is sadly.

The Ares II has a programming socket on the back same as other radios from this time. There are some pictures of the radio showing a blank back and no programming point! It isn’t the case and it has the data socket.

Tell the factory they’ve made it wrong! So as this is sold as a entry level 10m radio and like all 10m radios from the factory U.K. 40 isn’t pre-installed. The difference is that radios like 7900v, 5555+ , DX5000 + can be programmed for the U.K. 40 where this radio cannot be programmed with an exact frequency. It’s a case of wait now for updates to be announced.

Last of all the radio DOES indeed have CTCSS and also REPEAT with – minus or + plus allowed

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