*VIDEO* Quansheng UV-K5 Updater & Software

Just what I did to update the radio with latest firmware. Nothing too technical, just simple follow what program shows. Key thing is put the software from Chinese to English

Key things are comport being ok and connect Radio to software by pressing connect. I’ve received literally dozens of mails about these radios and remember we are not a shop, not a reseller and not working or paid in radio business. All time is donated and sometimes it takes time to get an answer.

I’m sorry that I can’t make a video to show all in Turkish, Malay, French etc. Radio is about experimentation and that’s how got mine working and lucky it went effortlessly when installed. Hardest was changing language from Chinese to English in the software settings.

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  1. well, excuse me Simon for my previous stupid question. the answer is simple: use the quansheng programming software from their website, the one named Portable Radio CPS. Download data from the radio, open Base info tab. Mine says: “Software version: k5_2.01.19” which is consistent with their numbering (current firmware is 2.0.26). Thanks.


  2. Ok, but how to check/view, which version of firmware is already installed in the radio? Key combination anyone? Something similar to 3+power on in Baofengs? Thanks in advance.


  3. Well explained Simon
    Plus key pointers ,this applies to most firmware updating.

    Ensure when firmware blowing your power source is secure and if using batteries fully charged!!

    Most of the problems come from using different pc hardwares and window versions in 99% of cases and can be easily resolved.

    Looks very simple updating,as it should be .

    Well done Simon 👍

    Rob P


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