Mods I

President Walker II Test Mode

Frequency Chart:

Yaesu FT-991/A & FTDX-1200 / 3000 / 5000 60m Modification

Alan 48 XL Multi Extended Bands

Midland M10 High Power & Frequency Unlock

Albrecht AE-5890EU New Version 2018

Yaesu FTDX-101D

Remove the top cover and the cover below it and look for the heatsink. Next to it is a MATRIX. Look for TX-OUT J2002-2″. KS5 is the second upper right solder point. Add solder point and full reset. EU Version

Kenwood TS-890s

tti – 1100 Modifications:

Move resistor from R43 to R42

This allows access to:

25615-30105 AM/FM known as band rU

25610-30110 AM/FM known as band PX

All A (Alpha Channels between 25645mhz to top end of 29mhz

Midland CT-200 Expansion:

Stabo XH9006e High Power / 120 Channels:

President JFK II A+ (Modification CB Radio NL) Matthijs

K-PO HR2800 Available Bands:

Midland M-10 Export Mode & High Power:

Albrecht AE:6690 Channel & Power Modification:

Anytone Apollo II Programming Software:

Anytone AT-5555 v6

Midland / Alan 42 Multi:

President Johnny III & Harry III Service Manual:

CRT Millenium Export Mode:

CRT Millenium Instruction Manual:

Anytone Apollo 1 Manual:

Anytone AT-300M (crt-8040) Russian Language Export Mode:

Anytone Apollo II Manual:

Anytone AT-778v Set Up Software V1.01 :

Anytone AT-6666 (QX-6666) Software V2.01 (Anytone Branded Radio)

Anytone AT-778 UHF / VHF Software:

Programming Cable Schematic

Anytone AT-300 / 310m Schematic:

Anytone Apollo II Software. V1.01 :

Super Galaxy Extended 10m Coverage

Intek M-495 Power & M-795 Power Modification

TTI TCB-1100 (Move resistor from one place to other) 25.610-30.110 / 25.615-30.105

Team TS-6m (26.515-27.855 AM / FM) Cut the wire and move the jumper

Intek M-120 Enable rU & Po

Thunderpole T1000 Enable rU & Po (Break the solder contact)

Intek M-150 Enable rU & Po (Join the solder point)

Lafayette Zeus (25.615-28.305) Turn on with ASC and FC Pressed (add the wire)

Intek M-799 Plus (25.615-30.105 / 25.610-30.110) Remove LK6

Intek M-130 Plus (25.615-30.105 / 26.510-30.110) Remove LK2

CRT-7900 Freq Expand

Yaesu FT-991 MARS/CAP Remove all screws, remove display and front panel, remove metal plate on back of front panel and solder JP3003 and reset

Lincoln II + :

You will see some make big song and dance about the above. Why? I’ve no ideas..

Intek HR-2800 Schematic:

Intek HR-2800: rU Bands & Others:


Intek M-799 Plus rU Mode Expansion:

Alinco SR8T/E Unlock Bottom cover off and solder A & B solder points

Emperor Ninja rU Mode:

Albrecht AE-7500 Ham Mode:

Albrecht AE-6790 / 6891 Power & Channel Modifications:

Albrecht AE-6690 Power & Country Options:

Albrecht AE-6190 Country Options:

President Lincoln II 400 Channel Mode:

President Johnny II ASC Service Manual:

Albrecht AE-6110 Manual All Languages:

President Lincoln II + Software (Works Only On + V1.01)

CRT Superstar 3900n and CRT Superstar 3900 EL:

Superstar 3900 Red / Jopix 3900:

Cobra 29 LX-EU

Team MC-8 Multi Circuit Diagram:

Midland M-10 Possible 10w Power Mod: Cut K501 (not tested as no radio)

CRT 8040: Top Right hand side, cut the white wire and move the jumper

Ranger RCI-2950DX ERF2030 Conversion:

Midland G9 PMR Power Modification:

Anytone AT-5555N 2014 Production:

Maycom EM-27 Expansion rU Mode:

Alan 48 Plus Multi B (rU & Trimmers)

Alan 78 Multi B (rU & Trimmers)

M-Tech Legend III rU Mode 120 channels:

M-Tech Legend II rU Mode 120 Channels:

M-Tech Legend 1 rU Mode 120 Channels:

Stryker SR-955HPC Programming Software:

Superstar 3900 Export Modification (Which version it works on unknown)


Jopix 2000 Export Modification:


Midland 8001 XT Modifications:


Albrecht AE-7500 Amateur Mode:

AE7500 amateur mode

CRT Megapro Modification V2:

CRT Megapro Software V3.01:

CRT Superstar 6900 (N) Unlock:

CRT Superstar 9900 Version 1 Software (2014)

CRT Superstar 9900 Version II Software (2015)

CRT Superstar 7900 Version 1 Software:

Danita 3000 Multi “Export Mode”

tti TCB-771 2w AM to 4w AM Power

tti 560 8 Watts Power:

Cobra 29LX EU Service Manual:

CRT Megapro Software:

tti 550 Bridge R50 For All The Goodies

tti 881 (Swap Resistor from filled place to empty space)

Tti TCB-880 Swap the resistor position

Midland M Zero Plus Export Modification:

Dynascan PMR Unlock channels & 2w Power:

CRT Megapro Export Mode:

Cut the White wire and move the jumper, bands a-j and VFO Mode enabled

Icom IC-7300 Mars / CAP

Magnum1 Modifications:

CRT 4CF Enable Full Transmit:

Modificatie CRT 4CF

Albrecht AE-6110 Adjustments (From Stefann) Should also be the same for the Anytone Smart CB


RM KL-7405 & KL 7505 Outside of 11m Transmit


Close the jumper and away you go

President Lincoln II V3 Echo Modification.

Some people complain about the large amount of echo even at the smallest settings in the menu. IF you are good at soldering then look at R630 and this is a 2k ohm resistor, swap it out with a 195k ohm resistor and the echo behaves much much better. Remember, invalidates warranty, small part, skill needed. Not for the faint of heart.

Albrecht AE-6110 & Anytone Smart (17-25w FM Power) Just FM not working in AM mode


Solder two legs together, in effect shorting it out. I have looked at photos from Klaus “HF-Doktor” and from online and this appears the only point which is the same. Limits life of your radio, invalidates warranty’s and is generally not a Smart way. But this is the power modification Photo: (c)

Anytone AT-5555N & CRT Superstar 7900


Solder closed OP1

CRT 7900 Software: (limited time only, when expires its gone)
Albrecht AE-2990 AFS


Stabo XM-4060e


Wire and Jumper

Team TS-6M LCD

Cut the wire and move the jumper. 26515-27855 AM/FM unlocked. Bands a, b, c


Danita 310m


Cut the wire and move the jumper. 25.1-30.1 AM/FM

Albrecht AE-4200 EU

AE4200EU Channel Options

AE4200EU, hi-low power

Team MobileCom. Export Mode


Close OP1 and OP2 with solder, and for 0 ending and high power use the same modification as CRT One



CRT ONE Expand mode EN-FR



Lincoln II (Only for initial pieces of first edition 1000 pieces to update to v2) Not for new models

Grant II Schematic:

Grant II

Top Gun Quad 5 Export Mode and PCB Adjustments


PCB Adjutments

President Lincoln II Export Mode

Lincoln II Export

Yaesu FT-991 MARS / CAP


Midland Base Camp 446

Midland Base Camp 446[1]

Grant II Premium: (HF-Doktor Information)

215 thoughts on “Mods I

  1. Maybe you can help me, I have a President Andy USA model and while messing around with all the different functions I seem to have entered into some kind of service menu system and may have adjusted values without knowing it… is there a way to perform a factory reset on these models just in case I messed something up?


    • Hi Jim. Each radio pretty much has different values inside. If these are adjusted no matter any reset the values remain as changed in the “service mode” so sadly can’t help on this occasion.



  2. Hello
    I buy Anysecu Smart CB same of ANYTONE SMART CB . He arrived with microphone with 4 Pin’s . Do you know the connections of the 4 pins for a replacement microphone? I bought small connection pins and a new replacement microphone for backup 😉 Thanking you . 14 EK 040 Francky


  3. Hi there,

    I saw the video on youtube for the President Andy CB mod, but I can’t find it on the blogs. By the way, do you have the schematics for the Midland 75822 frequency mod?


  4. Update on Lincoln MKII V3. I acquired the full schematics high definition.
    The Echo fix modification says R630 which is in fact 2.2K (222) not 2k.
    Top front left next to TP5299 16 pin echo chip. Based on the incorrect size stated im not going to swap it out till i can clarify how the values effect the echo chip. Going to read up on the chip set.


  5. Oh, my apologies, i didn’t mean to be rude. Sorry and thank you for your help. Promise i’ll be more polite The next time..


  6. How do i get The Crt xenon in to export / ham mode.? Is programming cable and firmware the only way? If that is The case where do i find it?


  7. Regarding the power bridge module for CRT Xenon:

    You´ll have to correct me if i am wrong here, but the “power bridge module” is actually just a toggling relay, whit a Indication LED, that opens and closes the connection between B1 and B2 to control the Hi / Lo Output power? Wouldn’t it work just as fine withe an ordinary on / of switch between B1 and B2?

    Best regards



  8. Hi Simon, wow was not expecting such a fast response ! Thanks for the info, I found the Mr A mod, but it seems in the pictures he leaves the white bridge cable cut and just has a SPST swtich accross pin 2&3 of the jumper ? Which I’m not sure how this returns the radio to EU norms, is this really all that is takes? I thought one would have too remake the connection in the white wire (via a switch) and also the connection between jumper pins 1&2 (also via a switch). I also found the details of adjustment on the post “HF Doktor Grant II Premium Adjustments *UPDATED*”. The HF Doktor mod does sound nice, where would one purchase such a kit ? (Apologies for clogging up the comments thread, I’m not sure if there is somewhere else to discuss this?) Thanks again, Mark.


  9. Hi Simon, First off just to say what a fantastic blog you’ve built here, I really enjoy it. I have just purchased a President Grant 2 premium and would like to (perhaps) expand it (radio is obviously well out of warranty). I’ve trawled the blog here and watched your videos for info. So I have learned how to expand the radio, and from your info know it will retain the UK 40, great! My question is, if I join the white bridge cable with a simple SPST switch and connect 3 wires to the jumper pins with a SPDT switch, I should, in theory, be able to return the radio to its factory EU norms ? Would you agree ? The expansion of the radio increases the power thus not letting me (in theory) run a linear on the normal CB band, if I were to use the 2 switches, I can return it to legal power and in theory run a linear.
    My other thought was that if the radio was expanded, if there was a way to turn the power back to legal spec while it was still in export configuration, it would enable one to just run a linear all the time without the faff of wiring in switches, but I cannot find any info on this.
    Any help/advice much appreciated.


    • Hi Mark Good Morning. Thanks for writing. As per the expansion your right on all.

      So if you unsolder the wire and place a new jumper across where the standard one is now you can indeed switch it. On the blog it’s called “Mr A Grant mod” I think or something like that. Up position = legal and Down = export mode for example.

      All the variables are on the blog showing what turns up and down the power so yes you can set in export mode 12w SSB and 4w FM/AM for example. Just need change the export ones and in EU nothing changes at all.

      OR you can purchase via HF-Doktor his switch mode modification that allows turn on with PTT press and it’s export mode and turn on with F press it’s in multi-norm mod.

      So your right on all. Yes you can switch it, yes you can turn down the power and run an amp. Absolutely as you told.



    • The President Lincoln MKII V3 Echo modification, R630, where is it on the board?
      Mine on lowest setting is overkill so want to switch out this resistor.


  10. Thank you so much for the CRT Millennium mod.
    I can confirm that it works on a new V3 which just arrived – Easy to do with jumper blocks.
    Retained the usual CB norms, but with an extra bit of oomph.

    It is a shame that most of the other radios out there need soldering to mod, so it is not easy to “undo”. The Millennium is good in the respect that with the power mod, the CB norms are untouched.


  11. Can you get lower channels out of the President Walker II FCC by cutting the white wire and moving the jumper over? Has anyone tried it ?
    Thank you for reading


  12. Buongiorno,gradirei sapere su quali trimmer devo agire per aumentare la modulazione e i watt in AM, nel mio Crt Superstar 6900, cordiali saluti Fabio


    • AMOD is AM modulation
      APWR (H) is AM power high
      APWR (L) is AM power low
      FMPWR (H) is FM power high
      FMPWR (L) is FM power low
      SSBPWR (H) is SSB power high
      SSBANL is SSB modulation


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  14. Hi Simon

    I asked the question about the Mars mod for the FTDX 101D. The mod on your blog is for the European Version. I’m in Australia, so is it the same. Also is it a straight solder for the jumper or is it like the YAESU FT 891 where you can just short the jumper whilst doing a reset on the radio. Most people say you have to solder the jumper on the ft891.
    Hopefully the Yaesu FTDX 101D is the same.
    Please let me know.
    Thanks Simon
    Kind Regards


    • Hi Shane.

      From my understanding it’s close the point not a temporary bridge.. Australia version I’ve not the modification. Just EU at the moment.


  15. Hi Guys
    Just wondering if anyone has come up with MARS mod extended transmit for the Yaesu FTDX 101d yet.
    Kind Regards


  16. Hi Simon. For the CRT Millenium, my local shop sells a version that is comutable 4W – 15W
    I managed to make it 4W – 8W. Is it possible to make 4 – 15W? How?


    • Turn till 87-89 on the display for 2.0 kHz deviation but anymore than that makes the radio dirty. Normally it sits around 81-83 before moving. It’s being featured here in a few weeks as time not allow it.


  17. My crt xenon has a very quiet modulation on fm uk.
    Is this normal for this cb?
    The mic gain is up on 10 but am told i sound so quiet.
    Can you help?
    With thanks


    • Hi David. It can be adjusted in factory mode to make it higher. But these radios are sold in legal limits so are quiet. Sadly I’m not allowed to say how to access the factory mode as many have tried and it’s caused other issues.


  18. New rev 980 Midland. Need a ch. King board.
    Mark is all I can locate for a contact name
    Link?? My cqdx game is lacking in frequency. Lol. Any help in the right direction appreciated


  19. Hi Simon
    I am looking to purchase a President Grant premium 11 what advantage would I have by getting the export version (will I lose UK CB channels?..)


    • Hi Frank. As I say in export mode you’ll get the UK band as part of it, higher output power that’s why heatsink and frequencies from 25.6-30.1 guess best idea is buy the radio expanded so dealer has checked out the power etc and all is well. That’s the best idea of all


  20. Hi Simon :
    Nanfone cb 40 . 25to 30 mod 4watt to 12 watt mods . i bought them in Cambodia out of the box 7 bands 38usd i like 29. Meg AM HAM Russian model much more 25 -30 . Please direct me to this up down microphone posable thank you marty Hurney n2qgu cb is more fun


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