**President Grant II & President Lincoln II Export Mode News**


So you have met my sources let us begin.

Here we go. Having sat long time and calling in favours outside of my normal comfort crew I have some news. I can say WE are pretty sure about some of it, some of it we are not sure as don’t have a radio, don’t have any manuals but are supposing from other things market lead at the moment. CB Radio there are lots of hisses and misses, I hope what I think is correct is more hit than miss.

Grant II

Think Jackson II, Think Thomas, Think William then you can think export.

Think Jackson II Banding then you know what it can do 25.6-30.1

I know that people are upset as they did not see any KC shift on the radio. But I can tell you that it does do 0 ending frequencies. We imagine it is a key press routine. To give a clue I cannot but we think it is there. It is Uniden after all and not fred in a shed so needs to be there. It needs to be key press as not labelled of course.

10KHz Step also known as the A Channels. YES IT HAS IT, like before it is key press routine.
Think Jackson II it had buttons with different meanings in export.

President Lincoln II

This next one scares the hell out of me as it is not confirmed, just what two people came up with and we go with it as it seems to be right in our minds at least. When it is released you can all write here ” That Wizard Is An Idiot ” when I am proved to be wrong

So here goes nothing.. Pffff

The new Lincoln II will be in export mode 25610-30110. We are 91% sure of this. Can never be sure as someone will write to the south and tell President “Simon is being a bad person AGAIN” and they can change it.

We think the steps will be step 100Hz 1Khz 10Khz 100Khz 1Mhz and we think this will be 99% correct at the moment.

USB DATA: President never promised PC Programming. It is not on there site, not in the manual and so that means that the Lincoln II USB DATA must really be a service aid at the moment,, but who knows in the grand scheme of things whether they make it programmable.

* Some Sellers Are Offering it on sale as PC Programmable

We think NOT at the moment.

I would like to thank my partner in crime for reading my crazy ideas and we both now hope they are right as we don’t want to meet any people in dark corners when it is proved not to be so as we imagined, guessed, believed it to be….

8 thoughts on “**President Grant II & President Lincoln II Export Mode News**

  1. I’ve been following your posts with anticipation – as far as the USB port on the back of the Lincoln II goes, I would expect that this would be a programming port rather than a service option. Of course this is just speculation but if it wasn’t intended for the consumer, they wouldn’t have made it accessible. My thoughts are that if the Lincoln II is based on some other already existing platform (i.e. maxlog), then the port will be for some sort of programming software. There’s little other reason to include it on the outside of the box except for that purpose.

    In both cases I’m excited to see the innards of the radios so that I can see how they compare with their counterparts out in the wild, especially the BC990 and the Grant II. Considering how different the US and EU versions of the Cobra 29 are, it’s easy to see that radios that share similar looks can be completely different inside.

    Eagerly awaiting both radios to be available and get one shipped to my part of the world.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Hi thanks for the message.

      On the website it shows the cordless mike and VOX mike as the extras so I think maybe at least initially there cannot be PC programming as nowhere mentioned in manual and on the site.

      There is no MAXLOG inside for certain! And not like BC980 which the case shares with the Grant II as will feature more channels and extras so apart from case it is different like chalk & cheese

      Lincoln II shops tell me February so we need wait just a little longer

      Thanks for the message



  2. oh no rumor control at it’s best but you are trying, with every snippet of info ,keep your eye’s and ear’s to the ground .. …..thanks again for your good work, it will come out in the end as we all know for sure it’s on it way .


    • Hi Scott. Information on the whole seems to be ok so that’s good news. Of course all is radio men wait for new products so the buzz around something is always there. Having slept on it I think the Grant II is 98% all ok and Lincoln II around 95% ok.
      Both hard as both incredibly new but both exciting as it is always with something new from President.

      Thanks for the emails. Best Wishes



  3. great ideas and great radio times but as you say wait and see but hope its right got to get these sets and get them reviewed hope you and your family are ok people in dark corners does not sound so good but thanks for the heads up simon


    • Hi Stephen

      Update is Lincoln II 100% and Grant II 100% ok I will man up and say it.

      Hardest thing is waiting now! Also I need get a real liberty mike to test on these also! Will explode in meantime šŸ™‚

      Yep it’s not good outing radios when not released and can make many troubles. Let’s hope we find more radios, more news in this fantastic hobby of ours




  4. Fantastic reading this is Simon. Your like the modern day Miss Marple only better looking. Keep up the good work Simon.


    • Hi Tim, Greetings from Miss M! It is we believe correct and that’s why we released our thoughts. More sure than hope! Exciting times in radio and am almost exploding now as need wait till they are in store

      Hope your well & thanks to write it is kind of you



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