Delboy’s AM/FM/SSB Channel Vote Ended…


Many who read the blog have asked when the system becomes legal in the UK for SSB and AM where will some or most of the stations sit? Not easy answer is the real answer but there was a vote online carried out and the choices have been decided and published.

Nearer to July sure there will be more radios released for the market as at the moment there are not so many available. Albrecht has the AE5890EU* and AE7500 at the moment (*pending checks) and there is the Midland 8001XT and of course the Grant II and the revised V1.05 Grant II when it comes along, plus from the old guard there is the President Jackson II.

Add to this Lincolns, 3900’s, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, AT5555, DX5000, AT6666, CRT9900 and a vast array of other radios there will be sure some action on the band. Personally, I look forward to the AM chats to the UK, what was once an under the counter event can now be made legally when the right equipment is used.

And what is next? Maybe they should make legal the /-/-/-/ or the /-/-/ yagi antennas?

To The people who think this was my idea, my vote etc? How wrong you are: DELBOYENTERPRISES organised it, not me, nothing at all to do with it.

Channel 27 here is TAXI and always blocked
Channel 31 FM is known for years as a call Frequency
Channel 14 AM was used back in the day, and hear used mostly for mobiles chatting, not calling.

So send your praise to the man who organised it and do not aim it in my direction.

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  1. Hi….. I am not sure 27 .275 MHz will work because there’ s a lot of fm activity on that frequency , the majority ssb mid band activity is on the high end of mid band eg 27 315 or higher………………… 355../395 ..etc,


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