Connex CX33 HPATC


The Connex 33HP-ATC combines the ever popular Connex 3300 with some new features.The biggest advances are the self adjusting display lights. The ADC sensor will dim the display lights if you’re in a dark environment, so you don’t have to manually turn down the dimmer control at night, and will brighten the display lights when it senses more ambient light. Connex has also added a robot voice and voice changing function to deepen your voice, similar to the old Galaxy DX99V.

Hi/Low RF Power Switch: Switch Between 2/10 watt deadkey settings
Switchable Roger Beep: Creates a beep when you release the mic switch
Switchable Talkback: Allows you to hear what your transmission sounds like
Modes: AM/FM/PA
Blue LED Display Lights
Dual Control Echo: Allows you to change the volume and the delay of the echo
Robot and Voice Changing Functions
Front Mounted Mic Jack
ADC: Senses ambient brightness and dims or brightens display lights accordingly

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