Uniden Bluetooth Mike Kit UHF CB’s


Something interesting popped up while hunting down some information so will add it here. It seems that Uniden in Australia and New Zealand have some UHF CB Radios that can run a Bluetooth headset. The three models are the:


Now there is something for the EU Market for CB Radios. It has been asked about since the very early part of the 2000’s so there is indeed it seems a light at the end of the tunnel.


Above is the manual for the product. Needs some change of course. We would need in the EU channel UP/DWN and also volume and not noise cancelling as would be better with an electret element. Honestly I think could be cost prohibitive as not so many people would want it? Or would they? This am not sure about.

For me I think it there was additions that made it better than what we have today then could be useful and interesting. Now we have a DECT cordless mike (Liberty) which does work well and provide an excellent addition to a CB radio. If this was European? This would have been something Sadelta would have thought of in the days of there heyday. BUT if the costs were good then I could see this a useful addition if the quality was there and the talk quality most of all.

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