Sunker Fourth On A Tin Lid / Sunker Floryda On A Biscuit Tin Lid. Active This Weekend

So the two antennas from Poland have landed and all being well we will throw them onto the roof at the weekend and see what they can hear or if anything they can hear. Gues time will tell indeed with these antennas 

What we know:

They are made in China and re-sold in Poland, Romania and Holland for the distributor Lechpol Electronics

26-28Mhz adjustable, 45cm Graphite, 50w handling, 1dbi and according to the box they are CE approved. Come with a magmount base and 4m coax.

How will it work? I’ve no ideas at all but the fun is in the hunt, the chase to see what it can do. I have seen 115km being made from a hill on SSB so can this be beaten I’m not sure but fun says worth a try!!

It is called in some places the Sunker Fourth, in others the Sunker Floryda and in others Sunker ANT443. And the next step we will put it side by side with the Catalan built Florida and see how they compare side by side, car by car, tin lid to tin lid.

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