Best AM/FM CB Radio €45-€55

Got to have a look around at the real budget radios that are around at the moment and the biggest amount of the good quality budget radios seem all to come from Qixiang. In some cases they are re-branded same models but all still come with different prices. So let us see what we have after the break here with the radios.

So here we are, the photos of the radios that have made the list. Have another different one then add it to the comments at the bottom of the page.

  Photo here shows KPO500 that retails €64.95  
Prices here range from €47 till €55 and even as the price is good, the quality of the radios are also excellent. Good audio, well made and work well for the price. Thanks to the people who responded to my email about what they liked in the radio world.

Amazing Photos: & 

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  1. I’ve just searched some dealers and all have KPO500/Colonia 8040 in stock so guess old stock still out there. So at the moment there are three models. Let’s see more good quality budget radios, it’s best for the ladies and gents in the hobby. More choice and more people get interested


    • Hi Eric, Happy New Year!!!!! Thanks for the information and I’ll modify that now in the article. The radio world looks forward to some new CRT radios soon. Best Wishes Simon.


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