President 7 Color Barry AM/FM Undone

Thanks to Przemek and konektor5000 for the ultra fast shipping via UPS. Sadly a second small radio suffered some signal meter damage but it’ll be fixed after Christmas so all good. Below are the photos so people like Rob P from RP Comms can cast his eye on the radio and see what he can see so to speak.

Some believed my radio came from France? Nope it is imported into Poland by President and as before bought from Konektor5000. Ask them!

Initial out of box “quick look” the case is better built id say, more paint, better texture and appears a little heavier than Andy AM/FM. Just to the touch seems better than past version by 50% my view.

Final seems to be 13QN10 but need better light to see really. More on that later on!

J3 is where most sure with right equipment you can read and write to the radio

Under the cover it shows the adjustments are back on this board plus the usual bit of wire etc. looks very similar board to Andy AM/FM etc and recently released stuff.

Just initial €1 of comments.

* Tone to the ears appears to be better

* Case appears to be manufactured better, feels heavier and better to the touch

* Receive. More rounded on high and lows I’d say (more at the weekend)

– Comes to Quickly. There was an Andy AM/FM, it’s gone. Was a Barry FM and it’s gone! Was initial release Barry AM/FM for CIS countries and now comes Barry AM/FM with 7 color display. Too Quickly Done. Needed a bit more time before delete, bring new, delete, bring new. Gives wrong impression.

– This one is the best of all the previous versions. More playing around is needed and I’ll try this weekend if I feel ok enough to do it.

– I can write another hundred thousand words about President at the moment based on cranky and upset dealers who write. But you know, President have an email address write to them! I can’t help you. I think some of you are right, I think some are insane.. But write to them!

– Let’s discuss the Ronald. Bring it with SSB, 21 watts variable. That’s the size people want or the McKinley. Yes AM/FM sales out sell everything but bring something out of the box! That’s my €1 wasted.

And before people cry Qixiang remember

Apple is Foxconn made and you pay £1200 for an iPhone

Samsung is made mostly by Foxconn in EU but it’s Samsung you take home

And your Nokia (new and old) are mostly Foxconn Made

And if it was Qixiang made, they now make Yaesu & Alinco before you cry more…..

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2 thoughts on “President 7 Color Barry AM/FM Undone

  1. Should have mentioned the DTMF ID Call,Paging and Group calling,CTCSS signalling on FM mode would be a nice feature to add if a Plus addition was to come out in future revisions?

    Just to help combat QRM noise on channels and keep receiver muted,instead of bursts of static
    using normal carrier squelch.
    Does not fix QRM,but just helps user operation,maybe something to be looked at for future or not?

    This is just my own personal view and not a function of the Barry Am\Fm as it stands,thought id clear that up Si.

    As for revision changes,can see why its been done and em-compass into one model,makes sense on production line too,thats my £1 spent Si.

    If anything new comes to light Ill let you know Si

    Look forward to seeing live usage next….


  2. Hi Simon,well did take a quickly look over it,looks well shielded esp round the 24V DC-DC regulator section so thumbs up there,Ive seen other badly implemented by others.
    Big regulator cant see device number number yet,so maybe later photo?

    Assume is got extras by heat sink on back same as before and extra beefed up heat sink on right hand side
    so we finally going in right direction here on duty cycle
    esp screening plates around Low Pass Filter area and S0-239 socket,
    some ones been doing there home homework in good RF engineering practices,another thumbs up there.
    PCB Board looks good quality and laid out well from what I can see,has the std crystal 10.695Mhz filter and 455-HT filter.
    Would of like to have seen a two pole 10.695Mhz filter for some extra blocking,but that would have push up price point.

    Haven’t had a chance to see new schematics yet unsure if been released by President,would be nice to have a look at,but prob very similar to Andy with alterations in display unit and other slight changes.So cannot really comment on any circuit improvements in the RF section as such.

    Expansion looks easy for CIS uses and export markets allowed

    Top corrugated cover in metal def thumbs up,more screening and heat sinking the better in my books and improves duty cycle and running radio cooler,mechanically better for robustness and going down commercial land mobile radio route which can be a bad thing either.

    From what ive seen so far it all in right direction and bring CB radios into 2017 construction techniques as per land mobile radio users have.
    Public access CB radio users deserve better radio kit and build quality and from what im seeing President are pushing for this and setting new quality standards for user who what top notch and willing to pay for quality.

    Applications in Light industry I can see this radio also being used also ie trucks,farmers etc

    Unsure if radio has in menu the RF power control function like Mc Kinley radio,that would be handy feature.
    Background display also good and large ,unsure if you can adjust contrast brightness in menu?

    Signalling for groups maybe handy feature to add later?
    CTCSS and ID DTMF selective Group calling I would like to see happen
    at some point but maybe for future radio?

    Overall pretty pleased with what Ive seen so far and nice to see manufacture pushing quality over cheapness
    in design.
    Have to wait for live videos to hear it working next…?Si

    Cant wait.

    Rob 73’s


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